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If you’ve been interested in learning about the history of Situ Agen Judi, this article provides a quick overview of the practice. For a more thorough introduction to the history of Judi, visit the website of the International Judi Academy. For an excellent review of this tradition by someone who has been practicing for many years, I highly recommend you read my review of the book: “The Ultimate Warrior.”

For those of you that have heard about the Situ Agen Judi tradition, I’m sure you are familiar with the two most famous names in the lineage. These are: Additional info found at

The Situ Agen Judi that is taught in the International Judi Academy has been named after a city in India. This name was chosen because of the history and symbolism that the city had in the country. In India, the city of Surat is the origin of all that we know about the Buddha.

The first and best known of the Situ Agen Judi schools is the Indian school that teaches under the name of Situ Akademi. This school is based in Kolkata, India and offers both basic and advanced training. A second school, the Sankracharya Institute, is based in New Delhi, India. This school is a highly respected institution, but is not affiliated with the Indian school of Judi.

Kiran, a famous author and master of karate, and his wife Shree Bedi lives near the Ganga in the area of Rajasthan. They were very interested in teaching and learning about the martial arts. In their search for a new source of martial arts knowledge, they discovered the teachings of the great Karate master Takeda Sokaku. They learned quickly, and began to publish books on the subject.

Soon, their popularity spread, and they received a request from the founder of Situ Akademi to translate some of their work. He then published the translation as a book, called the original text of Karate, and Karate for the Absolute Martialist, which was also published as an e-book on the Situ Akademi website.

Over the years, their books have become very popular. They teach several martial art styles that include: Kenpo Karate, Krav Maga, Karate Kaikan, Judo, Hapkido, Ninjutsu, and many more. They also have a good system of meditation, which is sometimes referred to as “The Five Paths”.

The Kung Fu style is another of the schools that are taught by Kiran and Shree Bedi. The two of them learned it in their home country and then began teaching it in the United States. Their style is called Kung Fu Karate and is very popular.

The most famous of the Martial Arts that is taught by the two is Karate. They have a very popular system that includes Karate Tai Chi, the Kung Fu, and the Hapkido forms of Karate, as well as other forms of Karate like Judo and the Hapkido.